Sprouting Seeds as a Health Food

Sprouted seeds are an excellent source of nutrients. You can grow your own sprouts from sprouting seeds for a supply of fresh, nutritious food which will increase your intake of fabulous nutrients:

Sprouts are very young plants, one stage up from a seed. A seed is a storehouse of energy containing all the nutrients needed for a plant to grow. When a seed starts to sprout the nutrients it becomes available in a living form which is a great form to get them in this site.

Most of us have eaten beansprouts (sprouted mung beans) in a Chinese meal. Some things are easier to sprout than others e.g. Alfalfa, lentils, mung beans and radish. Dont try sprouting kidney beans as they are toxic when raw.

A. Vogel produces an excellent range of sprouting seeds called Biosnacky which are GM free, non-irradiated and organic and these seeds have the best chance of germinating. Although it is possible to sprout your sprouting seeds in a jam jar, the Biosnacky Germinator or three tiered Germinator will produce the best results. It just couldnt be easier. Just soak, rinse and watch them grow.

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